At Home, In OttawaPublished on August 30, 2020


  • Photo by: Mark Holleron

  • mcm visetos original pouch, Nordstrom

  • Bike basket, full cycle

  • Norco Bike

Here we are—back to work, back in print—and while it feels good, it also feels incredibly reflective.

I recognize the privilege we have had to be able to stop work and take the time to figure out when moving forward would feel right. Today, as I write this, it feels right. Tomorrow? Well that might be another story!

I have learned a lot during the restrictions of the pandemic, but perhaps the biggest lesson is that change is inevitable and adapting is essential. I am in awe of the people and businesses operating in the capital who have stepped up to get to work within the new (ever-evolving) norm. From our advertising clients to those reflected on the following pages—this city never stops impressing me.

With thanks to a spring and summer spent close to home, I have been able to experience Ottawa a little deeper. I am proud of the foresight I had back in early April when I ordered myself a bike—one of the most coveted Covid-19 luxuries available, and I snagged a good one! My bike offered me freedom over the past several months. The freedom to walk out my door with purpose, even though I had no place to go! My rides offered the feeling of a mini vacation with routes that embraced the city’s proximity to water and bike trails shaded by nature.

Now, as I spend more time at my desk—working remotely—with our team to bring Ottawa At Home to print, my purpose feels deeper and I am energized from this. We have decided to come back with a new look, reflective of our reflections. The logo created by our design team at AN Design is more representative of our commitment to showing off the innovative side of the Capital Region. Décor is always on the forefront of our minds, but the city we call home now stands out a little stronger.

At home,


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  • mcm visetos original pouch, nordstrom
  • Bike basket, full cycle
  • Norco Bike

Mary Taggart

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