Waking up to springPublished on May 10, 2013

  • Oilo Solid Double Cylinder Aqua Light

  • Crystal Cube chandelier

  • Mary Taggart

  • VANADIN pendant lamp

When spring hits Ottawa it's like the wake-up call we've all been waiting for. Suddenly, the world is brighter and we feel more alive!

Making the most of the warm weather is standard thinking and in this issue we get tips from one of the city's most respected landscape architects. For instance, did you know that we have one of the longest growing seasons in Canada? Hurry up! Get outside and start planting!

I may not be a gardener - for no good reason other than I don't have the patience to wait for things to grow - but I am a wine drinker. Add that to relaxing and lounging outdoors and you have one of my favourite hobbies. Throw in a pool, like our stunning cover photo, or a hot tub, and I'm in my element. 

So naturally, I can relate to Derick Fage's fondness for time spent in his backyard refuge in our Living My Way feature. I can also, most definitely, relate to sommelier Natalie MacLean with her passion for her chosen career, as told in Step Inside.

In Ottawa at Home, we like to showcase inspirational people with passion who are dedicated to making this city more vibrant and dynamic. For spring, our Profile series looks at five men who have gone out on a limb to create more for Ottawans by weathering the storms of a neighborhood respected for protecting its heritage. I am honoured that they agreed to share a more personal side of themselves with our readers. 

We visit another treasured heritage site in Catherine Clark's Giving Back feature. It highlights volunteer efforts that educate children on the significance of the farm and animals at Canada's Agriculture Museum, with a photo shoot that brought back happy memories of visits with my young children.

Paula Roy shows us how to celebrate just about any occasion in style in the food section. You can find the perfect restaurant to pop the question, along with ideas for hosting and catering a special spring event. Korey Kealey contributes beautifully to this concept with a special Mother's Day dessert that looks elaborate, but is simple to make.

And, of course, what is a spring issue without decorating inspirations? Thanks to Jane Whiting's visit to a glamorous Rockcliffe residence and Andrew Downward's success with a young girl's bedroom makeover, you will want to make a few changes in your own home. So, here is to rejuvenation - in Ottawa, the garden and in the home. 

Spring has sprung in the capital - rejoice with me!



New light fixtures can do wonders for bringing a room up-to-date. We have found three fixtures to appeal to a variety of tastes and budgets.

VANADIN pendant lamp, $16, Ikea; Oilo Solid Double Cylinder Aqua Light, recommended retail: $294 , www.oilostudio.com; Crystal Cube chandelier, $3,360, Arevco Lighting. 


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